Mission and Action of Mebic Ogimachi

Creative Network Center Osaka Mebic Ogimachi is a creator supporting facility which is run by the Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center. It facilitates face to face collaboration between creative companies to foster new relationships (called Foster action for Creative Industry Clusters) and a new community working in Osaka.

Mission 1

Establish networks between creators.

Mission 2

Transmit information about creators.

Mission 3

Match business opportunities between companies and creators.

Mission 4

Improve promotion skills of creators.

Mebic’s various actions are based on these 4 mission points. Our role is to create face to face relationships between creators, creators and other companies to take advantage of clusters with creators. Our goal is to appeal not only domestically but to overseas in promoting the creative industry in Osaka.

To know

To know

  • To find out new creators or companies working in Osaka.
  • To promote the creators information through the Creative Cluster
    (Creators’ business information web site run by Mebic).
  • To introduce the creators with coordinators or area supporters.
  • To meet each other through our forums, seminars and exchange meetings.

To visit

To visit

  • To arrange visitation by creators and coordinators of each other’s offices.

To inform

To inform

  • To distribute information through the web site, including Creative Cluster, Creators’ File, Cross Point, Example of collaboration between companies, Event report, etc.
  • Word of mouth via the coordinators and area supporters.
  • To transmit information about people, things, occasions and places through events.

Meet each other face to face.

Meet each other face to face.

  • Small group meeting: Creative Cluster meeting.
  • Matching event: Presentations by companies seeking creators.
  • Hold Creative Business Forums with themes such as: design, website, movie, IT, digital contents, etc.

Improve creators’ production skills

Improve creators’ production skills

  • Hold Seminar / Workshop, the aim is to improve production skills when you start up a business or project.
  • Support members’ group activities via the Producer Support Office (PSO).

Provide the opportunity to form reliable relationships

Provide the opportunity to form reliable relationships

  • Hold events like public or private partnership exhibitions.
  • Encourage creators to action in moving forward.

Result of our activities

Result of our activities

  • Build relationships of trust, between creator to creator, and creator to companies.
  • Provide opportunities to compete and collaborate with each other.
  • Complement each other with common management resources.
  • Spread reliable and worthy information.
  • Number of collaboration and cooperation cases: 1,901 cases. (as of Mar. 31, 2014)

Additional explanation

1. The creative coordinator visits companies’ office

Activating creator group Creative Coordinator visit creators’ or companies’ offices and discusses their working policies, vision, style, contents, etc. From time to time, we post articles on our website.

2. Creative Cluster Meeting

Organize small group meetings between creators and other companies from different fields. The purpose of these meetings is to communicate with each other and build reliable relationships.

3. Creative Cluster (Web site)

This concept introduces designers, illustrators, writers, editors, advertisers, planners, movie creators, photographers, publishers, printers, IT companies, etc., who are working in Osaka.
Creative Cluster shows not only registered companies’ strengths and characteristics but Creators’ Files (individual creators articles), Cross Point (articles about the companies interested in promoting or branding themselves), and Collaboration Examples of creators collaboration work.

  • Publishing subject area: the whole area of Osaka prefecture.
  • Publishing subject category: IT, design, illustration, writing and editing, advertising & planning, photography, movies, music, publishing and printing, etc.
  • The number of publishing creators: 931 companies. (as of Oct. 10, 2014)

[ Creative Cluster ] screen shot
Creators map in Creative Cluster web site

4. Producer Support Office (PSO)

The purpose of Producer Support Office (PSO) is to support creators’ groups who are not limited to what they are today, but look to expand their networks and distribute their information and start new businesses, projects, and add new value to them. Creators groups can be three or more individuals or companies and they can use office space on a one year contract. Each group should be working with Mebic Ogimachi to expand their networks, improve their production skills and challenge their potential for growth.

Summary of facilities

Name of the facility

Creative Network Center Osaka MEBIC OGIMACHI


Kantele ogimachi square 3F, 2–1–7 Ogimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
Osaka, Japan 530 0025


Telephone 81+6-6316-8780
Fax 81+6-6316-8781
E-mail info@mebic.com

Opening hours

Monday through Friday 10:00–21:30
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (Dec.29–Jan.3) closed

Establishing organization

Osaka City Government Economic Strategy Bureau

Administrative organization

Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center

Facility structure

Lobby, Producer Support Office 8 rooms,
Community (meeting) Space 3 rooms


Satoshi Dono, Director / Chief coordinator
Koichiro Masumi, Coordinator